Live Your Life To The Fullest

Focus on you, satisfy your needs and leave all the nasty thoughts out of your life.



How many times have you wondered about various situations and many people that came across your life, and thought about the energy you spent, your precious time to deal with them and, finally, you realized they deserved nothing but indifference?

Unfortunately, I have done it many times. But I will not do this again because it keeps me back from being able to do what I want, and move on with my life.

There are many people who tolerate situations/others and have given up, believing it was meant to be without understanding that the only thing they manage to do is destroying their lives.

And this is something I will never understand.

Why would someone let other people exploit his kindness, love, patience and support when he knows that every effort to change would be vain? (I do believe that only a few people can really change and appreciate those who trusted them.)

When you tolerate situations and other people for too long you can only hurt yourself, your pride and your dignity.

Life has a funny way of proving us wrong, and the moment we realize that there’s nothing left for ourselves -since we have given everything we had to satisfy others- and no one is going to be there for us to help us pull our heads together, we might regret, but the pain gets worse.

Healing the pain of others is important and admirable. Protecting others and sharing the love you were given is a miracle in our days and keeps happening, but have you ever thought if there is anyone in your life that would stand by your side through the bad times?

It’s not necessary always to step back and allowing others to take your kindness, tolerance and love for granted.

Making mistakes it’s okay, we all make mistakes. It’s not okay if you keep doing the same things knowing that the persons you rely on will tolerate your attitude again and again…

Being a nice person is great. Being tolerant is not always good and most times the consequences of your kindness will only hurt your heart and your soul.

Love others, but don’t forget to love yourself too before it’s too late…



As we get older and think about life, we realize that there are just a few things that really matter. As we get older, we recall the most intense moments of the past and we wish we could turn back the time and modify some details that might have made our lives different.

As I get older, I guess I regret about a few things- like most of us- but I have changed my mind and, now, I try to care more about myself and I tend to do exactly what I want without being afraid to expose myself or losing my stability. And that makes me feel happy.

We often hear people saying “never have regrets” and it sounds a bit weird, but it’s so right because it is the only way to get what we want and to be able to live the life we always dreamed of since we were children.

People who live their lives while listening to their hearts are happier and more social. They are the only ones who inspire and influence other people’s lives. They act like kids since they ignore danger and everything that could hurt them, and are always optimistic. They are open to new ideas and aren’t afraid to meet new challenges.

People who have no regrets can move on with their lives with confidence since they don’t have a past haunting their minds. They have no fear of remembering the dilemmas they had run into at some point in the past.

Living your life without pondering “what might have happened” is a step toward the living of your dreams.

Listen to your soul, never have regrets and try to make your dreams come true.



Can you remember when was the last time you couldn’t sleep and kept thinking about someone’s condition while feeling ready to do anything that could heal his/her pain?

The last decade we all had to go through some very bad and serious situations. Out of nowhere, some people lost everything they had; others didn’t have a home to stay while, the worst of all, some had to deal with fear, wars and terrorism.

Time passes by for all of us and those who didn’t/don’t have to worry about the basics will never understand how difficult it was/is to wake up in the morning and just say thank you God for keeping me and my family alive.

It’s nice seeing people enjoying their lives, but it’s necessary as well to think about the others, those who have nothing but strong will and look forward to devouring the small details of life getting into every single moment.

Being kind and doing little things can be very helpful for all of us. Talking nicely and treating others the way we would like to be treated would be a good start. Trying to help those who suffer - even if we can’t do everything- is more than enough.

Unfortunately, with so many changes and with so many worries circling our minds, we have forgotten a few words. One of these is compassion, and we should never ignore the importance of the meaning of this word for the sake of our world and for the structure of our society.

Next time you walk out of your door, remember that you are a lucky person who still has a place to stay. And this is a blessing. 

All we have to do is showing our interest in those who need support. We live in a ruthless system, but every person has the right to survive, make dreams and enjoy the small details of life and live like you, me and so many other people in the world.

Live, enjoy your life and share the love with other people.

Let’s just smile and support each other because all together we could do everything.




When you come across a critical dilemma, the first thing you should do is to make sure you have faith in yourself and that you do believe you are a strong person who can surpass everything and can move forward with your life.

Sometimes, we lack of self-confidence in our lives and, unfortunately, this is the main reason for becoming hesitant and indecisive.

But, shouldn’t we do something to change this attitude to make things work better for us?

Step by step we can do small things to build our self-confidence and help us out in our future endeavors.

Trusting our abilities and doing whatever it takes to achieve our goals is a good start.

Believing in ourselves is another great way to get what we want.

Listening to our inner voice and investing in our vision is precious as well.

Being surrounded by honest and trustworthy people can be very helpful since our environment has always been very important to grow in a healthy way and develop our personalities without being afraid to expose our thoughts and our feelings.

Little things can make the difference and help us to our way towards the path of change.

There’s no magic, we have to try every day to make it happen, and soon, we will see that life will start treating us the way we want. But we have to try and never give up.

And don’t forget to love and respect yourself.




You want to do something that could change your life and your future, but you hesitate and can’t stop thinking about it as well?

Just go for it and don’t look back.

Sometimes we have to dare and move on because it is the only way to get what we want. Risk taking is in the game of life and when we make decisions about serious situations we have to trust our instincts.

We can never be sure about the consequences of our actions, but if we won’t try we will never know.

I do believe that risk taking is necessary and it’s part of our lives when we want to evolve and grow while trying to get away from various situations.

During this process, insecurities come up, and then, the soul-destroying feelings take over.

It’s the moment where we have to remain calm, think a little more and then act.

What we should do is really simple.

We should start believing in ourselves because it is very important to feel confident.

We should trust our instincts because our inner voice, most times, is absolutely right.

We should listen to the people who care about us and have proven that they are not those who will leave our side when problems arise.

We should dare.

Insecurities and fears will never stop coming your way.

It’s up to you to find out what you can do to be successful, strong and to move forward with confidence.

And don’t forget to love and respect yourself. 



It’s been a long time since I had fun with friends and being optimistic while having great mood and thinking that things are just as wonderful as our beautiful world. Can you remember the last time you couldn’t stop laughing and being optimistic?

Feeling happy and being optimistic was never as important as it is in our days. The challenges are way too much more and sometimes we come to a point where we doubt whether we will be able to overcome the problems or not.

It’s not easy to walk hand in hand with optimism all the time, but we have to try every day to be hopeful and creative in order to survive. 

And no, it’s not vain; it’s a healthy attitude that can bring us closer to the life we really want to live.

There are many types of people in the world and I do believe that pessimists are the most dangerous because they can harm your spirit and tear down your dreams.

Optimism is contagious and can save us all. It’s not necessary to do something extreme, simple actions can do miracles.

A beautiful and sincere smile, a hug and spreading positive energy through your space are the perfect ways to change your life, support the people you love and make our world better.

Enjoy yourself and spend time discovering the beauty of nature. Focus on the basics and don’t forget that simple things hide the pure happiness.



July 19, 2020


Have you ever wondered why human relationships are in crisis in the modern world? When was the last time you felt really nice with people you met for a first time?

The last decade we all came across some very bad and soul-destroying experiences that finally managed to change the way we think and the way we act. 

The healthy attitude vanished and we rushed to selfishness, trying to satisfy our needs ignoring the feelings of others.

We forgot to behave properly and, while for some people that was convenient, for the structure of our society it was a huge disaster.

We forgot sympathy, we don’t like being humble anymore.

Can you remember how do you usually introduce yourself to others? Most of us highlight our most important achievements thus showing off our strong personality, when we know that at some point we exaggerate.

Trying to seem superior to others is in the human nature while selfishness commands the rules of our modern living. But what would happen if each one of us was acting the same way? We would not survive and our world would end. If only we could at least try to be honest with ourselves and then with all the others.

Being humble and realistic can help our society evolve in a healthy way and become a better place to live. Harmony would take over and our world would be much better, and much happier than it is now.

We don’t really need to impose our ego and compare ourselves with other people. We should let sympathy and love take over because these are the elements of our existence. We are made of pure feelings and during our lifetime we decide which path we will follow while growing up.

Listen, love, follow and respect every single person because, in the end, we get what we deserve. Life is unpredictable and we can never be sure about the next day.

Make dreams, but get to know yourself as well before you start making plans. Be stable and don’t rush to do everything at once.

Stay humble and realistic and keep walking that way, I do believe it’s the best path for our prosperity.